JMM provides an exceptional internship experience to students from all backgrounds and majors. Becoming a J event coordinator intern at various JMM high end fashion shows will help you advance your skills in communication, presentation, marketing, PR, time management, and project execution. At the same time, you will be trained in a real business to business environment and have a chance to meet up with specialists in various industries. Having worked with over 60 most reputable universities in the United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates, France, Spain, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia, JMM is now ready to provide the same opportunity to students and graduates worldwide.

The next opportunity will be between March and June 2018. You will be a part of the highly anticipated J Summer Fashion Show in June 2018. The internship schedule (days per week) is flexible for those who are still studying as our part time internship programme is only 3 days per week. The full time internship will be applied to graduates and those who are taking a year off for work experience.

Interviews will be conducted in various cities and J interns work from all over the world



  • you are passionate about event management
  • you are good at marketing / finance / journalism / IT
  • you are highly punctual
  • you are flexible to changes
  • you love Fashion


you are what we are looking for


My internship at J Model Management was incredible and I didn’t want it to end. I learnt valuable knowledge and skills on sponsorship management, marketing, PR and event execution on daily basis. Working under the guidance of Jessica Minh Anh was a real eye-opener as she showed me how to stay strong and professional under all sorts of circumstances. She is not only a well-respected boss but also an understanding one as she listens to you and always gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself to become an excellent candidate in any industry. I will jump on board immediately if I am given a chance to be a part of J Model Management’s phenomena again!

My internship at J Model Management has been by far the most exciting experience I’ve had in terms of my professional development. Working as part of a highly motivated and pro-active team helped me to develop a wide range of skills that made me stand out in all the interviews I’ve been through since then, and impress my graduate employer with the level of responsibility I was given as an events management intern at J Model Management. Apart from that, Jessica Minh Anh is a wonderful mentor, patient and friendly yet demanding, a transformational leader who knows how to create a sense of common purpose within a team and make everyone work hard and stay committed out of own initiative; all these while making it fun! I learnt great things about the passion and motivation one needs to succeed from her, for which I am deeply thankful, and if I had the chance to be an intern again, I would be an intern at J Model Management,again.


The amount of experience and comprehension of the fashion industry that you achieve in one J Model Management internship is truly remarkable. I learned so much during my time, as I was thrown into the world of haute couture, press, and communications. Meeting with people in the world of fashion, such as models, magazine editors, photographers, and designers, I made sure that the runway would be a success all while networking in the industry I love. Jessica Minh Anh is both a mentor and an inspiration to the future of fashion education, and is always wiling to teach you something new. An amazing aspect of the J Model Internship opportunity is that the catwalks take place in the world’s most iconic and select venues. Exploring the city of Paris, I saw first hand how Jessica intertwines the architecture and culture of her location with fashion and art. The J Model Internship is an unforgettable opportunity I could never pass up!

Working for J Autumn Fashion Show was the most fantastic and memorable experience in my life. I have significantly widened my knowledge in PR, events and fashion while improving my communication and organisation skills. It was challenging but definitely rewarding. I was highly impressed by the effective team members who always stayed focused and pro-active. Above all, Jessica Minh Anh is an inspirational mentor who I absolutely adore. She is very professional yet friendly and helpful at the same time. In such a short time, I learnt a lot from Jessica and would love to work for her again if the opportunity arises.

Working with Jessica Minh Anh at J Winter Fashion Show 2017 was an amazing and memorable experience. Jessica saw my potential and gave me a once in a life time opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally. I have learned valuable organisational skills, how to work under pressure, be independent and take responsibilities for my every action. I believe dedication and hard work will bring you tremendous success in this particularly exciting internship. It was a great honour to work for Jessica Minh Anh and learn directly from her.

Being a part of J Winter Fashion Show 2017 was a wonderful adventure and I made a lot of unforgettable memories. Working with Jessica Minh Anh was a great pleasure, and when it was the most challenging I found myself learning best. During my internship I met a lot of amazing and inspiring people and got the chance to see how the fashion industry really works. I also improved my leadership and PR skills which will help me during my future career. I am very grateful for the responsibilities and trust that Jessica Minh Anh had for me, and I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life.


Completing my internship at J Model Management with J Autumn Fashion Show on the Seine River in Paris was by far one of my greatest experiences. I have learned so much about the fashion industry and widened my knowledge in every aspect. Next to having a hands-on experience, I developed skills in PR activities, marketing, event management and much more, to become a valuable asset in the industry. Jessica Minh Anh is an extraordinary and creative person. By being a good mix of a friend and mentor, she gives everyone the chance to evolve. The best lessons that I learned from Jessica Minh Anh are to always be ready, give 100%, be the best version of yourself and always keep on developing!

Working at J Autumn Fashion Show on the River Seine in Paris was an incredible experience I will never forget. I faced day after day different challenges but each day was more exciting than the other, I learned a lot, especially to handle difficult situations, keep calm and to remain determined and focused. I am very grateful for this unique opportunity that has strengthened and expanded my knowledge. I hope in the future there is another chance to work with the amazing leader, Jessica Minh Anh, in another of her breathtaking catwalks.

Jessica Minh Anh's Autumn Fashion Show on the Eiffel Tower was an amazing experience I will never forget. I’ve learned a lot, from the best ways to handle difficult situations and keep calm, to staying determined and focusing on the end results. We all had the same goal and it was very special to be a part of the J Team. Thank you Jessica Minh Anh for giving me a chance to work with you.


Working for J Model Management has been an exceptionally educational and inspiring time for me. I have developed my knowledge in numerous areas including PR, Events Management, Marketing and more. Receiving training daily and regular evaluation, I am proud to say this internship has left me much more equipped to tackle the fast pace fashion world of work. I am privileged to have had some insight into the works and processes of creating a fashion show as beautiful as theirs. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to partake in first hand communication with industry professionals, whilst learning the correct and appropriate ways in which to communicate with them. This experience has been so fulfilling for me. To see photos of the show online, knowing that I contributed to the production is amazing. I learnt a great deal from Jessica Minh Anh, and would love to work for her again.

It was such rewarding experience to be an event coordinator intern for J Summer Fashion Show 2017. I have gained tons of knowledge in PR, marketing, event management and of course, the fashion industry. Despite being so far away from the office, I still received careful training and continuous support from Jessica Minh Anh whenever I needed. I am especially amazed by the way she managed the whole team from many different countries to pull off such a grand show in very short period of time. Her vision, creativity and determination are truly inspiring. Thank you Jessica and JMM for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful team.


I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to participate in the organization of Jessica Minh Anh's fashion shows both in Paris for her Eiffel Tower show and in New York recently for her Hudson River show. It was amazing to see her in action. She always made the right decision very quickly, and find solutions to any problems. If you are in one of her shows, you just know everything is going to work out well, with a lot of work and effort the show will always be a great success. One of the qualities I admired the most of Jessica Minh Anh is her ability to identify strength and talent in each individual team member. She always helps us and guides us, and tells us that we have to believe in ourselves and encourages us to thrive to be the best. I'm convinced she is a role model for future generations. With her we learn to be strong and confident, always believe in ourselves and be creative in order to reach our dreams. Having participated in the organization of these events has been a magnificent experience.

I flew from Madrid to New York for this experience and I would repeat it with my eyes closed. I cannot describe in words the amazing amount of knowledge, skills, and real life actions I’ve learnt through the internship. It is no doubt one of the most important experiences in my life. Thank you so much Jessica Minh Anh and the entire JMM team!!!


My work experience with Jessica Minh Anh was like no other. She taught me all aspects of the industry within such a short amount of time. I was able to improve on my skills in PR, time management, event planning, communication, and even sewing. From this opportunity, I take away so much knowledge that I could not have gotten anywhere else. I would gladly work with Jessica Minh Anh on all of her productions if given the chance!

Working for Jessica Minh Anh and J Model Management to produce J Autumn Fashion Show 2016 on AIDAluna cruise ship was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. Being able to take part in the different aspects of creating Jessica's iconic fashion show was very rewarding. I am a marketing major, and Jessica has helped me realize that I want to do more PR in my future for the fashion industry. This internship pushed me to do what I didn’t think I was capable of and Jessica really knows how to keep everyone on their toes. Jessica knows how to challenge everyone in the best way. If you walk out of this internship without learning anything, then you did not put your all into it. Jessica Minh Anh is one of the best to work with, and she is a lot of fun.


A catwalk show on top of a cruise ship is a once in a lifetime experience in itself, but being given the opportunity by J Model Management to be an intern and help the inspirational Jessica Minh Anh to produce the show, well that was my once in a lifetime experience and what an incredible once it was. The entire internship for me was challenging, especially flying all the way to Australia on my own! But I cannot explain how rewarding it was to see the event run amazingly smoothly and know I had a part in it. Working with J Model Management is something I’d recommend to everyone serious about entering the world of events as you get to experience the events industry first hand. Jessica Minh Anh and her team are spectacular to work with; hard-working, encouraging and extremely motivated, they took me into their world and to my delight, made me one of them. I’ve gained so many transferrable skills and I am beyond excited to go forward and use them in future jobs, with the memories of this amazing internship forever in my mind. Thank you to Jessica for this unbelievable opportunity, I would jump at the chance to work with J Model Management again.


I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunity of working alongside Jessica Minh Anh at J Spring Fashion Show 2016 in Sydney. I've learnt a lot and developed my interpersonal skills while seeing the entire event management field unfold. It's truly amazing to be around such a loving and professional team of talented and hardworking individuals. I'm sure Jessica Minh Anh's next show will be even more fabulous although she's set the bar super high.


Thank you so much Jessica Minh Anh for this opportunity, i have learnt so much about the fashion industry while working on J Summer Fashion Show 2017 on Hoover Dam. During my internship i met so many wonderful people including the lovely and very talented Jessica Minh Anh. I was overjoyed to increase my knowledge of different PR activities, event management and altering haute couture clothing. I have had a realisation that i would thoroughly enjoy working in the catwalk production sector in the future. Jessica Minh Anh pushed me to give 100% and never ever give up and for that i am so thankful as i have learnt so much through her guidance! The Hoover Dam fashion show was a success and even in scorching temperatures the whole team pulled together as we all had the same goal - to deliver a fantastic show! I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life.

During my internship at J Summer Fashion Show 2017 I was able to gain hands on experience with haute couture garments and incredible people, including Jessica Minh Anh herself. I loved how involved Jessica was with the whole production from start to finish. You could truly tell how dedicated she was to the show and making it incredible for everyone. Along with learning how to handle extraordinary clothing in a fast paced environment, I was able to improve my communication skills. There were many phone calls made where I had to communicate effectively about the show and all of the information it entailed. Overall, I would say that this was a once in a lifetime experience that I truly enjoyed.

Working with Jessica Minh Anh as a part of JMM team for J Summer Fashion Show 2017 at Hoover Dam was the best learning experience I have ever had. The internship was challenging but rewarding, I have both learnt and developed my skills so much in a short amount of time. For me, Jessica Minh Anh is such an inspirational woman, I admire her amazing works and have no idea how she managed to be so extraordinary. I am grateful to be given the opportunity and won’t hesitate if I have any chances in the future to join another spectacular fashion show of hers.

Working for J Model Management is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Being flown to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon to be a part of the world's highest J Autumn Fashion Show Fashion Show was absolutely incredible. The three month internship process is definitely not easy, but if you persevere, stay positive, and work hard at it then you will come out the other side feeling you can take on just about anything. Also, Jessica Minh Anh is such a great inspiration who will show you how to work to the best of your ability; working alongside her will shape you into a true fighter. If you are ready for a real challenge and want to work at the most iconic venues with an amazing's the place to do so!


Working on the Hoover Dam with J Model Management and Jessica Minh Anh was a challenging yet incredibly valuable experience. I have a newfound appreciation for what goes into fashion shows, especially in such unique venues that Jessica always has her shows in. Seeing the exquisite clothes on the Hoover Dam, and knowing I could play a small part in the show's production, is something I will always cherish. I am grateful for Jessica Minh Anh for giving me this amazing opportunity.

My internship at J Model Management was a life changing experience. Through having Jessica Minh Anh as my boss, she not only taught me every aspect of producing a haute couture fashion show, but also because of her passion and innovative style within the fashion industry, I came to the realization that this is a career I want to pursue. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to take part in the historic J Summer Fashion Show 2017 on Hoover Dam. It was refreshing to work so closely with someone who is intelligent, creative, hard-working and resilient. I gained tremendous confidence and valuable skills. I would gladly do it again.

Being a part of the stunning and unique J Autumn Fashion Show 2013 at the Grand Canyon Skywalk and again J Summer Fashion Show 2017 atop Hoover Dam in the USA was challenging yet very rewarding. I developed many important skills that will help me have a successful future in the fashion and event industry. Thank you Jessica Minh Anh for the wonderful opportunity, which I am very grateful for.


J Model Management is a place where fashion surrounds you 24/7. Once you are in it you do not want to stop. Flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to work on J Spring Fashion Show was by far the best moment in my professional career. The entire team has inspired and encouraged me a lot and made me believe that everything is possible with a hard work, motivation and passion. I would like to especially thank Jessica Minh Anh who has taught me to be the best person I can be.

Flying to Kuala Lumpur with J Model Management was a fantastic experience, I enjoyed every bit of it. The fashion show was by far the most beautiful and inspiring event, in the most beautiful country. This experience offers a complete preparation to get close to the fashion world as it teaches you important aspects that you need to know in order to stand out in the industry. I am delighted to know that I was a part of such an amazing event and I am forever grateful to have been selected by J Model Management


The moment I read the post about the J Spring Fashion Show, I stopped whatever I was doing and went straight to customize my resume and sent it in because I knew it was a great opportunity. When I got the call for the interview and then confirmed as part of the backstage crew, I was overjoyed. Despite the constraint of time and space, I felt that the team did amazingly well and everyone knew how to be responsive and adaptive under the excellence guidance of Jessica Minh Anh. Overall, it was a fantastic experience for me as I got to meet experienced people, learn extra skills and most of all had fun!!!

Working on J Spring Fashion Show was a great experience, the value of which is very difficult to define. I was very lucky to work many priceless hours under the direct leadership of Jessica Minh Anh, who inspired me to be a successful business woman in any circumstances. I feel very special to become a part of history with J Model Management.

I would like to thank J Model Management for giving me an amazing opportunity to join the J Spring Fashion Show family. I've learnt how to work under great pressure yet still stay calm and collective, how to keep fighting till the end. Also, I saw how PR management was conducted to ensure the greatest results. I'm truly impressed! I especially like our boss Jessica Minh Anh, so nice and very confident. To me, she is a superwoman!


Working with Jessica Minh Anh and the J Model Management team has allowed me to learn a lot about the fashion industry. Although it was challenging, I learnt how to work under pressure and have developed many skills to help me in the future. I would like to thank Jessica Minh Anh for giving me the opportunity to fly to Singapore and work on the J Spring Fashion Show, which was absolutely amazing.


My impression of working with J Model Management is "Dude, this is too enjoyable to be called work!". Of course, it was a combination of excitement and challenges. I witnessed how Jessica Minh Anh and her team prepared for the entire production perfectly. I was trained to take every task seriously and consider every rehearsal as if it was the real show. The most important thing is that my contributions were appreciated and I was always motivated. Jessica kept telling us how valuable we were as part of the team and that we should be proud. I definitely was and I still am. I am now a step ahead of my peers at the university thanks to this experience. I look forward to working with J Model Management again!

I had a great experience working at J Model Management for the phenomenal J Spring Fashion Show on Gardens by the Bay's OCBC Skyway. I am proud to say I have picked up a lot of useful skills, in term of teamwork, time management, backstage coordination and flow control. In addition, I also learned the proper attitude to face difficulties: having a positive mindset and headstrong outlook is the key to a successful outcome. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Jessica Minh Anh, and I truly hope to do this again in the future!

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! I gained a lot of skills and knowledge while working behind the scene and met amazing individuals. The whole experience made me realize how important teamwork, respect and strategic time management are. I am truly grateful to J Model Management for giving me a chance to participate in J Spring Fashion Show at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore and would definitely recommend other students to grab the opportunity.


You will

  • receive an intensive training on event management, project management, and PR, marketing, and sponsorship skill development
  • tremendously enhance your intangible skills including communication, presentation, organisation skills
  • receive an excellently customised Reference Letter from J Model Management specifying your abilities and contributions to enhance your CV
  • meet professionals in the industry to widen your professional network


Send your CV to together with info about your

  • Software in use (i.e. Photoshop, Flash, Adobe Pro, etc...)
  • Specialised skills (if any): jounalism, finance, IT, tailoring

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